Photo of Steve Mitchell

Steve Mitchell

Loan Originator

Steve Mitchell has been a real estate investor, marketer, and mortgage loan originator for over 55 years. He has been a general contractor specializing in single family homes. He also is a certified reverse mortgage advisor and is a Master Private Money Broker, licensed realtor and mortgage loan originator . At the present time, he…

Photo of Vicki Prol

Vicki Prol

Program Director

Vicki Prol is an international bilingual (English/Spanish) educator and speaker regarding business and environmental issues for over 30 years. She also is a real estate advisor. At the present time, she is participating in two Master Mind groups for real estate and investments. She and Steve just published a book on "How to Sell Your…

Photo of Sergio Bindel Jr.

Sergio Bindel Jr.

Director of Marketing

Sergio brings a fresh approach to the company with his heightened knowledge of social media marketing and public relations. He also has experience in graphic communication, which he uses to better local businesses, clients, and law enforcement agencies. He is currently enrolled at California State University, Long Beach in preparation for his MBA.

Photo of Eliott Gomez

Eliott Gomez

Director of Client Relations

To provide faster service for our clients, the latest member to our Rebucks team is Elliot Gomez, Director of Client Relations. Elliot is an energy systems engineering student at Oregon State University who is well versed in developing efficient manufacturing and business outlines. He is applying his knowledge to streamline our customer relations through digital…