What is a Reverse Mortgage


You may be 62 or older, but a Reverse Mortgage may NOT be a good choice for you IF :

  1. You are not a home owner, nor plan to be ( with some equity in your home).
  2. You own your home but do not want to keep it, nor trade down to a smaller place.
  3. You have plenty of money to live comfortably for the rest of your life and need no help.
  4. You will never have a problem paying your medical expenses, mortgage, etc.
  5. You can count on your kids to help pay your living expenses for the rest of your life.
  6. You do not want to do something special for yourselves, nor your family while you are able.

If these are not your objections then please call or email me to talk about your particular needs:
Phone: 831-801-0646 – email: info@rebucks-llc.com

I am a senior citizen also, and a Certified Reverse Mortgage Advisor.  I am licensed as John Stephen Mitchell, by the California Bureau of Real Estate # 00892713, and the NMLS # 293761. I am affiliated with my brokerage company, C2 Financial Corporation, NMLS# 01821025


  1. A financial assessment is now required to show you are able to pay the taxes and insurance on your  home,  although  you do not have a mortgage payment, so no surprises jump up at you.

  2. You will never have to repay the principle and interest for as long as you live in your home.

  3. You can sell your home and pay off the loan, as it is still your home.

  4. You can live in your own home very reasonably  for the rest of your lives

  5. Your heirs will have one year to pay off the loan balance, by selling or some other means. (they will then have the remaining equity ( House Value – Mortgage balance = Equity )

Although our offices are in Hollister and Carmel, Ca., we help Seniors in Monterey, Santa Cruz and throughout California.  

You should have many more questions to ask before making such a great decision, and that is what I think you should do.  Please let me be one of the experts from whom you can get your answers. Call me at:     831-801-0646 

You can also find more information on Reverse Mortgages by going to seniorsreversemtg4u.com

Although our offices are in Hollister and Carmel, Ca., we also help Seniors in Monterey, Santa Cruz and throughout California.